₹2000 Note by Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) – First look!!!!

₹2000 Note by Reserve Bank Of India (RBI)

Woww!!!! Now you can keep ₹2000 note in your pocket, it’s launched!!!!!!! If you’ll receive this message or news by someone then it’s just viral news being spread on Social media. 🙁

According to Reports, Reserve Bank of India Bank will introduce notes of the of ₹2,000 soon. The notes have as of now been printed, and their dispatched from the money printing press in Mysuru has initiated. Neither the Indian government nor the national bank confirmed the launched time.

₹2000 Note Firstlook

₹2000 Note first look

Estimated Time-frame of lunch –

There is no official confirmation about it. Rough estimated time of introducing note is early 2017.

“During 2015-16, the demand for banknotes and coins remained high notwithstanding the growing shift towards non-cash modes of transactions,” the RBI said in its annual report for 2015-16.

There is big controversy in India for introducing the bigger currency because it increases corruption. But as ₹2000 note design has been disclosed, it’s on it’s way to coming!!!!! Coming soon!!!!

₹2000 Note is coming!!!!!!!!! Be ready!!!!!!

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