Beware BEER drinkers – About 640,000 Czechs are risky alcohol drinkers


Excessive Drinking Of Beer Is Causing Health Problems.

Czechoslovakia’s citizens are in big trouble of health due excessive drinking of alcohol. One of the scientist of Czechoslovakia have alerted about the health problem due to excessive drinking of Beer. Masaryk University is the second largest university in the Czech Republic have created a report about it. The statistics has been compared with disease which has been spread across 42 countries of Europe.

One of the chief writers of this report Pavel Grasgruber (Masaryk University) have concluded that, drinking beer while taking a diet is dangerous to Czech people. This could be more harmful than other foods. This report has been created on the basis on alcohol consumption, smoking and drug abuse. As per the statistics in the report, 104 people has been died due to drugs. In which 44 people died due to illegal drugs and volatile substances where as 60 people died due to abusing medicines.

And alcohol consumption is the more harmful than illegal drugs and volatile substances report proved. Because, there are 133 people died due to usage of alcohol. Also, there are 682 people whose death is cause by accident and suicide due to alcohol.

In last year, more than 57 people died due to excessive drinking of alcohol and 342 people poisoning due to alcoholic drink.

As per the report, in year 2002, total 4959 people killed in accident due to Drunk and Drive which has increased to 7,384 in last year. The rate was 2.7 percent in 2002, the same rate of 3.5 percent in 2015, as per the report.

Last year, the government approved plans to fight alcohol drinking, smoking and gambling. It intends to ban smoking in restaurants, introduce compulsory deterring pictures on cigarette packagings, reduce the number of vendor places and impose sanctions on the owners of pubs where drunk children are found.

Are you drinking BEER then be careful?


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