Amazon makes first drone delivery!

Amazon make drone delivery

First Prime Air Delivery of Amazon

Amazon is one of the big retail companies in the world which has started journey in July 05 1994. There website is running in the region like Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and South America. They always try new sales strategy to attract clients on their website.

Recently this American electronic commerce company started delivering products using DRONE, isn’t it amazing guys? Amazon have started Drone Delivery service in England and this order of product has been delivered to client within 13 minutes. So far this is first ever experiment of Amazon using Drone Delivery which is successful.

Client named Richard B has purchased an Electronic product and popcorn packet on Amazon. After booking an order, a message has been passed from Amazon Headquarters to their Warehouse. And then from Warehouse the product has been sent to escalator. Using the escalator the product has been then moved towards Drone for the delivery.

It took only 6 minutes to reach a product on Drone once booked. That drone then immediately take off towards client’s address for the delivery of product. Richard B a client received order in the compound outside their house within 7 minutes. This delivery takes place on 14th Dec 2016 but they reveal a video and details about it on 14th December 2016.


The special thing with this delivery is that Drone receives client’s address with the help of computer.

Isn’t it a CRAZY NEWS guys? Do let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂

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