Top 10 countries where use of Credit & Debit Cards (Cashless transactions) are too much – Must Read.

Cashless transactions

Cashless Transactions Country List

Nowadays, people in India understood the importance of “Cashless Translations” after PM Narendra Modi government declare BAN on Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. A transaction in which cards like Credit or Debit Cards are being used to purchase some goods are called as Cashless Transactions. In these types of translations, very less amount of physical money is circulated among people.

In foreign countries, they use Credit or Debit cards which is also called as Plastic money to purchase some goods and globally cashless transactions have been growing.

Countries like India and China still use too physical money in their day to day life to purchase goods but things are getting changed and should getting changed.

But do you top 10 countries where transactions are cashless? Here are they:-

1) Belgium Belgium - Cashless transactions

One of the European country in which only 7% people use cash for transaction and 93% people uses non cash payments. And as per report, 86% of people uses debit cards for purchasing goods. This country is very close to the cashless world society, isn’t it crazy guys?

2) FranceFrance - Cashless transactions

Another European country in which 8% people use cash for transaction & 92% people prefer non cash payments. As per report, 69% of people uses debit cards.

3) CanadaCanada - Cashless transactions

North American country in which 90% cashless transaction and use of debit card is 88%.

4) United KingdomUnited Kingdom - Cashless transactions

89% consumer prefer plastic money for transactions and use of debit card is upto 88%.


5) SwedenSweden - Cashless transactions

89% people are doing cashless transactions and use of debit card is 96%.


6) Australia Australia - Cashless transactions

Noncash payments share is 86% and debit card usage is 79%


7) The Netherlands The Netherlands - Cashless transactions

Noncash payments share is 85% and debit card usage is 98%


8) United StatesUnited States - Cashless transactions

80 % transactions, cashless


9) GermanyGermany - Cashless transactions

76 % transactions, cashless


10) South KoreaSouth Korea Cashless transactions

70 % transactions, cashless




There are many advantages of less cash economy and we should take some efforts to become cashless transaction economy.

So guys, which type of transaction you prefer, do let us know in the comments section below.

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