Cashless Economy : Credit Card Hack in just six seconds.

Credit Card hack

Credit Card Hack Technique

On one side, India is moving fast towards cashless economy and government is asking all people to use Debit Card or Credit Card instead of cash while doing transaction. On the other side, the experts of “Newcastle University” proved that with the help of laptop and internet connection a hacker can hack a credit card just in six seconds.

These experts claimed that cyber criminals can hack a credit card without information about the credit card holder which would be a big threat in a near future.

The research team of Newcastle university in Britain says that credit card can be hacked in just six seconds and expiry date and CVV Code can be obtained easily. To do so an attacker will only need internet connection. This hacking is typically achieved using a “Distributed Guessing Attack”.

Last month, there was a CYBER ATTACK on the “British Multinational Retailer Tesco” and Visa Card Payment System has been hacked. Due to this many customers have to face problems. One of the experts team said that same technique of Distributed Guessing Attack used to hack the system.


There is one big specialty of this attack that neither banks can detect it nor they can check how many invalid attempts made by the hacker.

As per the one published report of Security and Privacy IEEE journal, those attackers try different different security data using their computer on hundreds of website at a time and if they succeed a big cyber attack is done and withing a seconds they found a correct card number.


One PHD student said that, current online payment system didn’t detect INVALID payment requests from different different websites and this creates an opportunity for the hackers to easily guess a CREDIT CARD NUMBER with UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS and on each website after 10 or 20 attempts they succeeded.

In simple language, this Distributed Guessing Attack technique is similar to open a NUMBER LOCK but you can try many more combination in this attack.As compared with number lock technique this Distributed Guessing Attack is somewhat simple. Isn’t it? Guys, please let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

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