Facebook use may harm your mental, physical health: study

Updating status and liking updates of others on Facebook is harmful to health

California State University Study on social media and mental health.

One of the studies has proved that continuously updating status and liking updates of others over Facebook is harmful to health. California State University has posted some statistics about it. 5200 people who are averagely of age 48 years old participated in this survey so if you are continuously updating status or liking post of other people on the Facebook then you’ll need to stop this activity as soon as possible as its harmful to your health. Scientists of California State University have measured mental and physical health of the people who participated in this survey and have voted about their mental and physical health in 1 to 4 number and Life Satisfaction in range 1 to 10. Also, measured about Body Mass Index of those participants. Scientist has also been allowed to access participants personal data of Facebook to do full study. Wow isn’t it a CrazyNews?

In addition to finding that people who gave out more “likes” had worse health, the researchers found that those who updated their Facebook status more often reported having worse mental health, on average, than those who updated their status less often, ‘Live Science’ reported. However this was the case only if their affection was authentic, the researchers said. Another study showed that accepting more friendships on Facebook was associated with living longer, but initiating friendships did not confer the same benefit. The study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.


Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media (Facebook) on Society

Every coin has two sides and same way Social Media too have some bad and good effects on Society.

Negative :-

  • It affects on children’s mental health and sleeping habits.
  • It affects on our personal relationships, if people find out their girlfriend or boyfriend exchanging messages with other people.
  • Waste of time as people keep visiting social network websites for latest updates which results not doing anything useful with their lives.


Positive :-

Though, Social networking has negative, there has some good points too.

  • People find comfortable to vent their feelings on social networking websites.
  • You can learn someone’s life story using Facebook pages.
  • Entertain yourself for some time after a busy daily routine.
  • Keep in touch with your friends and family if they live far away from you.

So guys, if you are too much active user of Facebook – Social Networking website then please stop using it more and take care of your health.


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