Good news for common man : Prices drop of many daily useful Goods

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New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has banned Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from 8th November midnight, these notes are not be considered as legal tender. This is just like an emergency period for all of us which was happened at a very short notice. But demonetization decision gave big relief to common man. Due to demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes there is big price fall in various daily useful things like vegetables, pulses, cars, real estate etc; which is good news for common man.

Good news for common man : Prices drop of many daily useful Goods due to demonetization

Why Goods are sold at very less profit margin?

This question might have raised in your mind. Read below to know the reasons:

There storage of valid cash in the market so, dealers are selling their goods at very minimum profit.

– There are very less demands of goods so, big dealer are selling goods to small dealer with no profit.

– Dealers are not storing the goods in the storage places so, more goods are available to people.

Vegetables price falls upto 50%

– Due to demonetization daily useful vegetable prices fall up-to 50%.

– Before demonetization flower vegetable was Rs. 40 /kg but now its Rs. 20/kg.

common man– Same fall of price have been seen in the price of every vegetable which is really good news  for common man but somewhat loss for dealers and farmers.

Pulses price falls upto 25%

– Due to demonetization prices of pulses declined by nearly 25 %.

– There are some pulses which was sold for Rs. 52/kg but now its Rs. 45/kg.


There is price drop in grains except wheat. Wheat price has been increased by 5 % after declaration of demonetization.


Huge discount on new Cars purchase

– There is huge fall of demand in the automobile sector.

Honda, Hyundai companies are giving discount up-to 2 lakh on purchase of new car.

Reno company is also giving discount of 1 lakh.

Volkswagen has introduced cashless offers to new customers; in which you have to pay 0% on loan interest and bonus up-to Rs. 10000.

Maruti is giving Rs. 70000 cashback on some car models.

Price drop in the real estate sector

– There is huge price fall in the real estate sector after demonetization. Experts are also saying that price fall percentage will be increasing in the upcoming days which can be  up-to 30%.


– Many property dealers are selling Rs. 30 lakh flat in Rs. 21 lakh or less now due to demonetization.

Before few days former Governor D. Subbarao came in front to support PM Modi’s decision of demonetization. Subbarao gave his views on demonetization as:

subbarao and modi

1. The move will reduce the banks cost of funds. They can cause low interest loans. If low interest rates in the economy then there will be more investment in banks.


2. Its believed that due to demonetization gross domestic product (GDP) of 0.5 percent (Rs 65 crore) as tax might find. It will also increase the investment in private sectors.

3. More black money is more invested in real estate so, the rates of homes and lands will fall.

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