Google CEO says, India will be Global player in Digital Economy Business.

Google CEO in IIT Kharagpur

Sunder Pichai CEO of Google India visit.

Google CEO Sunder Pichai says that India will be the world leader in Digital Economy Business. There will be big startups launched in India in next 5 to 10 years. He also said that there will be a great global IT products manufactured in India near future.


Pichai said this to students at IIT Kharagpur who is passed out
from the same college.

Sunder visited his college after a long time since 23 years after passed out.
He also shared some of his experiences of IIT Kharagpur college
He clicked a selfie with the students.

pichai khadakpur students

Google is going to launch Rs.2000 smartphone in future.

Pichai told some future plans of Google in India.
He said, Google is focusing to launch an entry level phone which costs only $30 USD which is equivalent to Rs 2000 INR for Indian people.
There are good ecosystem is getting developed in India for startups.
Students passed out from reputed colleges are planning to do something different in India.


Compliments to Digital Economy.

Sunder Pichai is happy with the move taken by PM Narendra Modi about demonetization and note ban. He again complimented the same in IIT Kharagpur.
Google CEO says that “With the Digital Economy, India is going to play global player role in the World.”


India changed too much.

Pichai says that India is not same as previous. He said before 20 years ago he traveled first time through Plane to United States of America.
However, today 100 millions people travel through plane every year in India.
He also said, it can be possible to work together and more effectively with the Governments in India.


Sunder Pichai shared some of his memories of IIT Kharagpur.

Google CEO completed his B Tech from IIT Kharagpur where he shared some of his memories with the students.
He said, it was very difficult to identify Sambar and Daal in the college canteen.

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