Japan’s Education system is BEST in the world , here are 7 CRAZY facts…

I’m sure after reading this CRAZY NEWS everyone wish that I was born in Japan to take education system like this way. People of Japan have been famous for their intelligence, wellness and politeness but did you know how it has came to them? Its due to the excellent educations system exist there. Yes, the way of teaching in the Japan is best in the world and probably, you will get shocked after know these crazy facts.

  1. Its student’s responsibility to clean their school THEMSELVES.

  2. After studies, students have to learn poetry and calligraphy too.


  3. MEALS are served to students in their classrooms and everyone gets the same food!


4. After the school is over, students have to appear for one test, which decides their future. The period of preparation is rightly called “Examination Hell”. Only if they score well, they get admission in the college! 


5. For Japanese students, college days are the ‘BEST’! It is just like a ‘Vacation period’ for them.


6) After normal classes, interesting workshops are held for students!


7) Lectures are so interesting that the attendance rate is 99.9 percent, can you believe it?



So guys, aren’t you interested to learn this way?  Do let us know your thoughts in our comment section below.


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