Do you know Apple is going to remove these 200,000 apps in next update?

Apple is going to remove 200,000 apps 

As per the report Apple is going to remove these 200,000 apps from Apps store in next iOS release that is iOS 11. According to Sensor Tower (Application analytics company ), 187,000 apps are not compatible with new 64 bit processor.

Sensor Tower is analyzer for the top ranking applications in Android and iOS and all other mobile applications.

Company is asking their developers to switch to new 64-bit standard as the current iOS beta version is giving warning as  “this app will not work with future versions of iOS”.

Apple iOS 11

Apple started 64 bit OS support in 2013 but more applications are not upgraded with the new release. That is why Senor Tower warned them to remove those applications. The OS which was designed in 2013 was designed in way that it will work till 2015. But many applications are going to vanish now in iOS11.

iOS 11 release date is not yet disclosed. iOS developer are still testing it. New upcoming iPad models are under testing with iOS 11.

Apple removed 47,000 apps in last year as per the warning by Sensor Tower.

iOS users isn’t it sad? 🙁

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