Wedding card with LCD screen : Click to know the scenario of the weeding

Wedding card with LCD screen

Karnataka: Gali Janardhan Reddy, the former Karnataka minister’s daughter is tying the knot in November and the billionaire father is leaving no stone unturned to make it grand. The mining baron has invited guests in most unique way.

Not at all like the typical Indian wedding cards, Bramhani’s (Daughter of Janardhan Reddy) wedding card arrives in a sumptuous box which has a little LCD screen.



When anybody would open the welcome, the LCD screen in the wedding card will play a Kannada tune; ‘Atithi Devobhava’ (visitor resemble God) highlighting Janardhan Reddy, his better half and child.The lady of the hour Bramhani is presented like any performing artist of Bollywood motion picture. She is seen twirling her “lehenga” and running in moderate movement. Then again, the prep is seen with white stallions out of sight.


The one-minute video likewise declares the date and setting of the gigantic wedding. It finishes up with the nearby up shot of the Reddy family. All things considered, this won’t come as an amaze for the individuals; who have gone to a wedding facilitated by Reddy in which he spent Rs 20 crore. The visitors were flown in by means of helicopter.

Wedding card


According to different reports; Shah Rukh Khan, Prabhudeva, Tamannah and Katrina Kaif may perform at the wedding; which is planned for November 16th. 49-year-old Janardhan Reddy was a standout amongst the most intense men in Karnataka; until he was captured by the CBI in year 2011 regarding unlawful mining. He was in prison for a long time; after which he was discharged on contingent safeguard in 2015.

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