Actress Rakhee Gulzar – Mom of Karan Arjun. Shocking Pictures.


Rakhee Gulzar – One of the talented, beautiful and powerful actress of Bollywood.

No doubt Raskee Gulzar is One of the talented and gorgeous looking actress who has mesmerized us not only with her beauty but also with superb acting and powerful performances in Bollywood Movies.


Previously Rakhee’s name was Rakhee Majumdar but after her second marriage with lyricist-director Gulzar she became popular as Rakhee Gulzar.


Due to her talent whatever role she has been played weather as an Heroine in a movie in her younger days or as a Mother, she has been just superb in every role.

One can say, she is one of the actresses of Indian Film Industry whose beauty increased with her age.

As a Heroine


Rakhee portrayed a character of mother in all time hit movie Karan Arjun.


Latest Rakhee Gulzar in 2016,


So far she has given her almost 40 days to Bollywood Film Industry in which too many different roles she has played and won National Award as well as three Filmfare awards.


One more special and rare fact about Rakhee is that she was born on the same day on which India got INDEPENDENCE, i.e. 15th August 1947, isn’t it interesting?


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Source: Google Images