Viral News – Colour Problem in new currency of Rs.2000 notes – Must Read.

Colour Problem in new currency of Rs.2000 notes

2000 Note Colour Fade

New Rs.2000 notes are being circulated among people in India but there is a shocking bad news about it, do you know what is it? Check this post.

Since two-three days people started using new notes of Rs.2000 and some of people have claimed and proved on Sunday, 13th November 2016 that there is a colour problem in these new currencies.

Colour Problem in new currency of Rs.2000 notes?

To investigate on this viral news, we have also tried to rub cotton on the currency and this problem seems to be genuine as it leaves some amount of its PINK colour.


Though color of note is getting fade but its still a legal tender. Currency still remaining as it is but colour problem seems to be legit as per primary investigation.

Already, there were so many questions arisen on the size, quality, clone, security etc of this new note and now the new question is about colour.

So guys check this problem at your side and do let us know in the comments section below. 🙂