Yuvraj Singh’s mother responded Akansha Sharma on her Big Boss 10 controversial statement- Must read.


India’s number one controversial reality show Big Boss 10 has started and we expect a lot of fun coming in next few days. This year, makers of Big Boss 10 has launched new format in which there are 15 contestants (8 contestants are from Aam Aadmi category and 7 contestants are from Celebrities category).

Akansha Sharma is one of the Aam Aadmi celebrity contestants revealed about her failed marriage with younger brother of Indian Cricket Team Yuvraj Singh. She told, her marriage with Zoravar Singh lasts just for 4 months who made very serious allegations about cricketer’s family.


She accused on Yuvi’s mother Shabnam Singh of torturing and ill-treating her. I’m sure everyone was shocked to hear this…

Now, there was Shabnam Singh to respond on this controversy and said :-

First of all, this matter is sub judice and she (Akansha) is not allowed to speak. It goes under the contempt of court. There’s a special petition I had filed. Anyone can understand the agenda here and everybody knows it. We are not allowed to speak on this matter.

Somebody has to take the brunt, so it’s fine if it’s me. God bless, is all I can say to her. Let her go on and say what she has to say. Even I have enough to talk and share my side of the story. But I just don’t want to get into any mud-slinging. She’s also someone’s daughter and she’s doing what she’s being instructed to.

Shabnam couldn’t understand the fact that Akansha was talking about these things after 2.5 years; where was she since 2014? Yuvraj singh’s mother is saying that earlier Akansha didn’t have a platform and now that she has got one through Big Boss 10 so misusing it.

Adding to this controversial story Shabnam also says that;

Those who know me well it’s not that I would do something like that. People must know that we were the ones who first filed the divorce because we had some really strong reasons, so I had to do it. If she had to take any action or say something against any alleged cruelty from my side, she could have done that earlier as well or filed a case back then,

So what do you think about this story guys? Are they doing this for TRP? Is it a publicity stunt?