Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera arrested for assault charges

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera has dependably been really faithful to him. He has been giving security to the star since 18 years. Salman is so joined to this bodyguard of his that he even made a film ‘Bodyguard’.shera2

Casualty Akhtar Qureshi blamed Shera for hitting him with the knob of a gun after a warmed contention Shera had with Qureshi’s companion via telephone on Tuesday, October 25. Shera was later arrested by the DN Nagar police.

As per reports, the complaint has been reported at DN Nagar Police Station and Shera has been taken for addressing. At the point when this episode occurred, Salman’s bodyguard was separated from everyone else and not with Salman Khan. Whenever asked, the bodyguard said that it was just a verbal contention and rubbished every one of the cases.shera4
The VIP bodyguard, before making a beeline for the police headquarters gave an announcement with all due respect and said that it was only a verbal contention and not a physical battle.shera3
In addition, it is likewise reported that even the Arms Act is relevant as Salman’s bodyguard debilitated him with a weapon. Different charges that are connected are segments 504, 503 and 326 of IPC. Indeed, even 4 others are reserved alongside Salman’s bodyguard.

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