Are you drinking BEER then be careful?

Though, beer is an alcoholic beverage people used to drink it. Many researches proved that drinking small amount of Beer might be HEALTHY for a human body. But, an excessive drinking of beer cause a DIABETES.


Actually, BEER contains less than 5% means 150 calories of Alcohol so For Ex. 350 ML of BEER CAN contains 13gm carbohydrates so excessive intake BEER may increase insulin in your body which affects on the sensitivity of your bones.



Investigation proved that Alcohol decreases a GLUCOSE level of your body which may increase SUGAR LEVEL of your blood. So excessive intake of BEER may cause DIABETES as compared with the people who don’t at all drink.


Excessive intake of ALCOHOL is the frequent cause of chronic pancreatitis.


Once consumed BEER doesn’t increase SUGAR level of your body but there are always short & long term of effect which may then cause a DIABETES.