Facebook banned for 6 hours daily – Next Move of government

Facebook banned for 6 hours daily


Facebook banned for 6 hours daily, isn’t it bad news? Bangladesh is planning to ban the social networking site Facebook for 6 hours in midnight. Government is decided to take this action for the betterment of youth.

Facebook is affecting the studies of the student as they are consuming their most of the time in accessing it. The government  is waiting for the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission‘s opinion. The telecom head stated that we have received the letter and will think on it as soon as possible.

Facebook banned_ addiction

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) stated that it is not correct way as there are several other applications like Whatsapp, Viber. It will affect the business of the people who relies on the Facebook.
In 2012 the Bangladesh banned video sharing on the Youtube so this is not the first time the government is taking action on digital media.

India’s Twitter Head ‘Rishi Jaitly’ resigned the Company

Rishi Jaitly India’s Twitter Head Resigned

Rishi Jaitly, who joined Twitter in 2012, will leave the organization late November, a Twitter India representative told Mashable India. Amid his four-year remain at the firm, Jaitly led Twitter’s India operations, helping the organization extend in the nation. Last August, he was designated as Vice President of Media for Asia Pacific and Middle East North Africa at Twitter. The organization hasn’t reported who will supplant Jaitly.

rishi jaitly

Today, after 4 years of user/business momentum in India & the region, I’m sharing my intention to move on to new opportunities, same mission

— Rishi Jaitly (@rsjaitly)


“We say thanks to Rishi Jaitly for his commitments, business enterprise and initiative in the course of recent years at Twitter. He was our first individual on the ground to bring Twitter into the high-development Indian market; He has made intense, vital organizations to enter and develop new markets for Twitter; and has effectively developed our Media Partnerships groups over the Asia Pacific and Middle East,” a Twitter India representative told Mashable India.

At Google, Jaitly likewise helped the organization manage basic government issues, for example, web control in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. He likewise initiated open private associations, corporate magnanimity, open approach support, and government undertakings for Google crosswise over South Asia locales. Jaitly hasn’t shared what he will do next, however as per explanation by Twitter India he wants to move to the United States.

I myself care deeply about the United States, India, emerging markets & intend to devote myself to building bridges in service of my mission

— Rishi Jaitly (@rsjaitly)

In a tweet, Jaitly thanked former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and other top executives for giving him a chance.


America Supports INDIA on Surgical Strike…

America Supports INDIA on Surgical Strike done by Indian Army in POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) on the intervening night of September 28-29 2016.

India has full right to defend itself with respect to terrorism and Uri attack is an act of cross-border terror, the United States said.

Previously, Russia does support a surgical strikes against Pakistan in POK.

After the Uri attack , India had walked out of the SAARC summit in Islamabad, which had to be canceled after Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan followed suit soon after. “It was a huge setback and loss for all countries…But we are confident that Pakistan will hold the SAARC summit next year, if not later this year,” said the Pakistani envoy.