Top 5 tips to improve accessibility of your phone

Basic accessibility settings in Android

Do you want to improve the accessibility of your mobile phone with one tap?

If yes then you are on the correct page. As we know, the entire mobile platform experience has been changed by Android operating system. It daily getting updated by new features and updates. But, there are some hidden tricks you can follow to improve the accessibility of your cell phone. Once this has been done then it will surely increase the performance of your phone.

In this article, CrazyNewsHub are going to provide you some simple tricks which will definitely help you to access your mobile quickly with just a one tap. This will surely change your Androids personalization experience infor a very easy way especially when you are in a hurry. Let’s get started here.

1) Phone charging trick.

Many of you guys have came across with the message on your WhatsApp account that if you send a particular message to three groups then it will automatically charge your phone’s battery. How’s it possible? so this message is just for a fun and nothing else. But, always charge your phone, when you are out for Lunch, Dinner or for a coffee. Now, you might be wondering you already know this but you can follow this simple trick as a power wallet and not a power bank. The power banks look’s lame when you carry them in public places. There are power wallets available online, which will help you charge your phone when you’re out.

2) Force Stop apps which you are not using.

Most of our phone’s battery is consumed by the apps which we have installed and most of you guys is fed up with those apps, Which we don’t use all the day long. Also, those apps are so important that we can’t delete them either.

These are simple steps to force stop apps which you are not using.

2.1 Enable developers option in your phone
To enable developers option
2.1.1 Open Settings, Go to About, Then tap More.
2.1.2 And then tap the “Build number” option seven times to enable Developer options.
2.1.3 Go back to Settings menu and now you’ll be able to see “Developer options” there.
Now open Developer options, Then tap on Process stats option. You’ll see apps, which are running sorted by time. Just tap the app which you want to close and tap on force stop option.


3) Song Accessibility

If you’re listening to a song, And you want to know the name of that song. Just open Google app and tap on voice option, Then say “What’s the song”. You’ll get the name of the current playing song on your device.

4) Call answer trick

If you’re in a meeting and you don’t want to answer all the calls but few. Then you can use priority mode. By pressing the lower volume button continuously until the pop-up appears. It will take you to priority option.
Now select the contacts from which you want to answer the calls from.


5) Pushbullet – Transfer calls notification and text.

If you want to transfer your calls notifications and texts from your phone to your computer or laptop. Install this app Pushbullet both on the phone and computer/laptop. With this app, you can easily transfer SMS and call notifications to your computer/laptop while working on them.


So guys do you know any other trick to improve accessibility of your phone? Do let us know in the comments section below. 🙂


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