Travel without visa in beautiful countries.

Travel without Visa!

Everyone loves traveling the around the World and it’s travel without Visa, then wow! Here are the beautiful countries for you where you can go without Visa! Big relief for you. Every traveler will be happy after seeing the counties name!

Beautify Countries without Visa 


The Maldives is the daydream worthy spot on every travelers bucket list.The best time to visit the Maldives would be December through February.

Maldivas travel without visa


For the most part, visitors to the Maldives do not require visas for stays of 30 days or less.
The Maldives has no counterpart in terms of its unique geography and is home to the most diverse marine treasures in the world.


Mauritius, is a sparkling diamond in the sea! It is the small multi-cultured island. The green waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding this small island will attract you. There is no specific best time to visit here, anytime in the year will be just perfect.

Travel without Visa to Mauritius

Mauritius do not require visas for stays of 60 days or less


Hongkong is best spot for eaters! This is very impressive county with impressive eastern-western culture and big rises. You can take feel of eastern and western culture there.  The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to December.


Hongkong do not require visas for stays of 14 days or less.


Fiji is the island near to Australia and New Zealand. Fiji’s world-class spas and beaches.  Fiji has sky diving to dirt biking to river rafting to scuba diving to trekking to cultural tours.


Best time October to early November. Good news is, you don’t need Visa there!


South China Sea is world-famous as a gaming destination and has also begun attracting visitors with an increasing array of shows, entertainment, and nightlife.


The city’s historic center, with its rich blend of Chinese and European architecture and culture.autumn season started from October to December. You don’t need Visa to visit!



Nepal is the 8th the highest mountain from highest ten mountains in the world. It’s the attraction for trackers, rock climbers.


No need of passport there. Best time to visit October to December.

Other countries  

  • Jordan
  • Cambodia
  • Jamaica
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Haiti

all other countries

  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Micronesia
  • Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
  • Vanuatu
  • Saint Kitts
  • Ecuador
  • Laos

Why to wait then! Here you go, let’s have fun!!!!!!

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