PM Modi’s UDAN project: Travel in an Airplane in just Rs 2,500


UDAN Project (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik)

The government on Thursday announced the list of airlines that will be connecting unserved airports in the country under UDAN project. In the first round of bidding; Air Odisha Aviation has won the bid to connect the maximum number of unserved airports in the country.

50 per cent of seats on every flight will cost Rs 2,500 per seat under the UDAN scheme. This will be applicable for flights where the distance is less than 500 km or one-hour.

udan projectOver 45 unserved and under-served airports would be connected under the scheme UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik) project that seeks to make flying more affordable.

In a century of Civil Aviation in India, only 76 airports became operational with scheduled commercial flights. With UDAN, the government plans to connect 33 unserved airports.

“UDAN network will cover the whole country, giving a major economic boost to hinterland areas,” Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju.

India’s domestic air passenger traffic grew at a record breaking rate of 23 per cent in 2016 amongst the highest in the world.

Some of the routes under Udan project flights will cover are Bhatinda to Delhi, Gwaliorto Indore, Gwalior to Lucknow, Pathankot to Delhi, Agra to Jaipur, Diu to Surat, Jamnagarto Ahmedabad, Kanpur to Varanasi, Pondicherry to Chennai and Bilaspu to Raipur.

homeremedies_add UDAN project is expected bring the Indian aviation sector to 31 new cities. Here are the new routes.

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