WhatsApp Video Calling Feature for Android Users.

whatsapp video calling for android users featured

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature.

Another great news for WhatsApp users on Android device, WhatsApp Video Calling feature has been started rolling out to its users. Last week, this update was only available for Windows Users.

As far as I can see this feature is very simple to use through WhatsApp, users simply have to click on the calling button to make a call and choose between “VOICE” and “VIDEO” calling option.


One more option available for users to change the CAMERA from front to rear view while making a call with MUTE CALL functionality.




There is MISS CALL notification option available so users will get notified when they miss a call. They can tap on the same menu to call back.



Unfortunately, its not been mentioned that when this VIDEO CALLING feature will be available for the iOS USERS.

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