3 Pro Tips from Landon Hall on How You Can Play the Drums Like a Rockstar

Landon Hall is the founder of the Music City Drum Show and Diemond Star. He is also a professional drummer and songwriter who has played in front of sold-out crowds while sharing the stage with the best in the business. Here are 3 pro drumming tips he uses to impress crowds at live events.

First, Landon Hall recommends you play with confidence. Energy is everything as a drummer. This energy is transferred to the rest of your band and, ultimately, to the crowd. Your band will look towards you for direction and energy. You’re the heartbeat of the band. Like a heartbeat, you’re responsible for sound and presence. Second, allow yourself to make mistakes so you can make adjustments. Even the experts make mistakes, but it’s how you respond to those mistakes that matter. Last, always be prepared. This prevents unnecessary headaches and warriors.

Hall always had a passion for drumming. Before he could even walk, he was already banging pots and pans together and making music. For his ninth birthday, he received his first drum set and played it all the time. When he turned 11, he played drums for his local megachurch up until his late teens. Today, he accomplished everything one can dream of as a drummer. He played in front of sold-out audiences and shared the stage with Katey Sagal, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and Chad Smith. Desmond Child helped Hall get his band on Nickelodeon. He’s also the founder of Music City Drum Show and Diemond Star, where he creates the most versatile drumsticks.

Given Landon Hall’s success as a drummer and entrepreneur, his advice is worth listening to.

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