Anil Dobani on the Therapeutic Power of Music

Ace musician Anil Dobani feels that music is nothing less than audio therapy. Music is more than a universal languageit can be a stellar stressbuster! Here are some fun facts about the therapeutic power of music and how it can benefit nearly anyone who needs to take a minute away from a hectic day.

Anil Dobani switched up his daily routine to be in a positive state of mind immediately upon waking. Years ago, he replaced an alarm clock that jolted him out of sleep with a shrill electronic shriek to something much more pleasant. Now, a smarthome device has replaced the obnoxious alarm clock, and Anil Dobani is woken by the strains of beautiful classical music. It puts him in a more positive mindset immediately and sets a great tone (pardon the pun) for the rest of his day. The only drawback is that the alarm sometimes has an opposite effect as it nearly lulls him back to sleep.

On that note, music can create a greater sense of calm, reduce anxiety, help battle depression, and improve one’s outlook. It can walk us through almost any circumstance, even the most difficult moments of our lives. And best of all, it’s free. While there are subscription services like Spotify out there, many offer free options and one can find a giant selection of music videos on sites like YouTube. Anil Dobani firmly believes that everyone should have music in their lives, and modern technology has made this possible.

Music impacts the mind, soul, and body. It can soothe us, guide us, speak to us, and be an invaluable inspiration. Above all, it can bring us joy. No matter what genre you prefer, this mix of enticing lyrics, sounds, and rhythm is a natural part of the human experience. Because of this, it is an ultimate stressbuster. Whether you take a deep breath while relaxing to the romantic intoxication of Beethoven or need to blow off steam while blaring some hard rock, Anil Dobanifirmly believes that music will always be there for us.

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