Karishhma Mago: How her first hit song was recorded off a cellphone

Karishhma Mago wanted to create music so desperately that her first single, “Wasabi,” was recorded on her phone using a microphone as her only tool.

“I was recording off of a cell phone,” she said, almost incredulous that she faced such a daunting challenge, though she handled it with absolute strength and perseverance.

The song, from the ethereal “Sushi Mode,” a complex collection of songs featuring fresh beats from the new musician, ended up being her first hit.

At the time, she was working in 5-star studios producing other musicians’ music, which made her see her own music from both perspectives. She was definitely tough on herself, but that paid off in the results she saw in her music, cell phone aside.

Her sharper eye helped her create an EP that is cohesive, complex and fresh. Karishhma Mago found her own personal voice, something many musicians never find, through layers and layers of beats.

Perseverance pays off

Her second EP, “Sushi Mode,” is set to drop this month, with the single “Kick Out” as the first to be released from this album. “Kick Out” is interesting and challenging for listeners, since it features string instruments that give it a hint of Irish spirit at the start, then develops more of a sense of urgency as deeper tones are added to the mix. It’s dramatic, and reflects a significant change in Karishhma Mago’s music in the mere months since “Wasabi.”

Perhaps it’s because she is now in an in-home studio he created, where she can work all night to perfect something if needed, just months after releasing the phone-recorded “Wasabi.”

Her grown spurt has been incredible and inspirational, and we can see Karishhma Mago’s work ethic in everything she does. 

What the future holds

She is still creating sophisticated instrumental songs, deep works that better engage her listeners, who are naturally forced to take an active role in listening. They have as their tools a song title and layers of beats. With those two things, they can let their imaginations fly in any direction.

The song can be anything a listener wants it to be, but the sounds are an aural guide created by Karishhma Mago.

The musician has a mission to accomplish, a goal to give instrumental music a larger place at the hip-hop table. 

She has a business slogan that says, “You have to see the future to know the future,” and I think that Karishhma Mago sees a future full of success, both in music and business.

She has years to get it right, but we don’t need a crystal ball to tell us that she has already laid a solid foundation that will take her there.

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