LESTEREX Rising Singer & Musician Featured on Burj Khalifa

LESTEREX is the newest act in rap set to take the scene by storm. He’s here today releasing his new catchy single, “LESTEREX” which is going to be Blockbuster.The pair join forces to highlight the issues that come with success. LESTEREX raps about being paranoid about having success, ” once you obtain success people you don’t know or even the people around you sometimes don’t want you to have it because they couldn’t accomplish it. And it’s Just our perspectives on the topic. Mainly just watching your back from the people who don’t wanna see your greatness,” he said.

The LA based rapper is also rumored to shoot a video for his song with Vory as well. The two have different styles and must have worked hard together for the song to come out really well. The release date of the song is yet to be determined. LESTEREX is the next big rap artist alongside his inspirations The Great Justin Bieber .

Quote by LESTEREX : “The experience working with Vory is always a classic moment. He’s literally like my brother I’ve known him for years so us making music was like just another day. I can genuinely say he’s one of my closest friends beyond the music shit. But bro’s extremely talented, as long as I’ve known him I’ve never seen him write any of his lyrics down. It’s always off the top. But we got other songs we worked on too so be on the lookout for that as well. It’s always good energy whenever we link.”

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