Music transcends all distances – Jaiden Vu

The universality of music makes it one of the things that people from all corners of the globe can relate to. Music is a language that is recognized everywhere and transcends all boundaries and distances. This type of communication touches people’s hearts; just one note can change a life, and according to Jaiden Vu, the power of music is insurmountable.

Jaiden Vu notes that his love for music is deeply rooted in his upbringing and his passion for the artistic form of communication. He says that the ability of music to spread joy, happiness, love, hope, and even hurt is quite endearing to him. Jaiden Vu further says that music is an important form of expression for all humans, whether you’re a musician or not.

Music bridges the gap between calm and rage; it can move you from a state of calm soliloquy to the waves of rage that bring out the tears and emotions you’ve been hiding. Jaiden Vu says that music has been pivotal to him through every stage of his life. When all else fails, music is the cocoon that embraces you into a gentle calm, inspires you to believe in your dreams, and gives you a wake-up call to things you’ve been trying not to acknowledge.

The cultural significance of music is also palpable. Jaiden Vu describes music as the first point of interaction between various cultures. Music connects communities despite the language barriers, since music is all about feeling the beat and melody and understanding the rhythm even without knowing what the words mean. You can tell a romantic song from a sad and dark song in any language even without understanding the lyrics; you just need to feel it.

“Furthermore, music is the perfect medium of communication when you can’t put your feelings and emotions into words,” says Jaiden. You can relate to someone’s pain and struggle through music that illuminates their emotions.

Scientists and researchers have found that music excites more parts of the brain than anything else, and according to Jaiden Vu, the existence of music is as crucial as the air we breathe.

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