One of the most wanted names in devotional music, singer Vinod Sharma loved by millions for his voice

Bhajans are the devotional songs, music and poetry of the Hindu Religion. Bhajans are basically songs with religious and spiritual context and they are predominantly from India because the Hindu religion is mainly based in India. From the very beginning there were no rulesor regulations on what a Bhajan was and how it could be sung. Any devotional lyrics with a raag or a melody was and is considered a Bhajan. There are various forms of bhajans and a main reason for that is because in Hinduism there are many gods and goddesses and people then write Bhajans for all of them which ultimately increases the variety and form of them. Bhajans becamemore popular from a certain sect of Hinduism.

It is believed that a person singing bhajan should have such a melodious voice that he should have direct bond with the ones listening to it. One such name is Vinod Sharma a singer who has made the listeners hooked on with his mesmerising voice. His voice have stirred the souls of music lovers in India and all across the world. His typical traditional composition, brings a whiff of fresh melody. He is recognized as one of the greatest singers of modern times. He has given hit songs like Bhajan Sandhya, Sundarkhand, Shri Mahalaxmi Mahatmya, Prastavanna, Indrakrut Laxmi Dhyanam and more.

Vinod possesses a God gifted voice, rare in the world. It is really something great in human life that at one is picked up with care to sing for such godly oriented melodies. His songs rings in our ears and creates a wonderful situation in the minds of the music lovers. Vinod’s devotional songs and the songs based on Indian classical music are superb. He is an inspiration to all the upcoming artists who would like to persuade their careers in this field.

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