Parry Deswal shines through as a creator who maintains his originality in everything he does

It has become rather easy in the present times to portray oneself as an influencer not just on social media but also in real life because there is the availability of so many resources and genres to showcase our talents in. There is one urgent requirement that every influencer must possess, and this is known as quality. Whatever content we provide people with, it should be good quality content that is capable of making people learn something. There are numerous things that are trending on the Internet like silly dance videos and DIY’s which are of no use, trends come and trends go but people who can change their content and still maintain the originality in them despite the changing times will always remain on a pedestal and in an appreciated position. One such individual who has maintained all of this is Parry Deswal, an artist, singer, lyricist as well as talented influencer.

Popularly known as honey, Parry Deswal was born and brought up in Chandigarh, India. it is hard for people to imagine that such a young lad could ride up the horses of success and achieve what he has desired since the very beginning. He knew that starting out young will get him to so many places, allowing him to improve himself and experience the best of worlds. “It was very hard actually to keep working on my dreams while I watched other people of my age go enjoy and have the best time of their lives, but I knew that the goal that I had in my mind was difficult to achieve and I would have to work and balance my life to validate my visions”

His ventures do not just lie in working with brands but creating music, some of his popular hit songs being IkGeet (Simran Music), Alcohol (Amar Audio), Jaguar Di Gal (Funjuice Entertainment), Supna (Kamerock Films), Brown Girl (Lost Virsa Records), Bhoot Bhangra (Malwa Records), Friend vs Girlfriend (Team Records), Fuse Confuse (Mad 4 Music). If you feel a little upset that he does not have more songs then be prepared for some new upcoming releases which are going to leave you absolutely spellbound.

If you want to know more about Parry Deswal and stay updated about his work as an artist and influencer, you can simply check out his social media handle (Link down below).




Email: [email protected] 

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