Sabir Shaikh is a well-known Music composer and Singer across India.

Talented artists are displaying their extraordinary prowess in creating music that has the world taking their notice. They have taken their creativity to such astounding levels that their work is getting recognized worldwide, bringing them to a position which is prominent and gets them on a high pedestal. Out of the current breed of singing stars who have done exceedingly well around this space is one name who has the right potential and looks promising enough to make it to the top slot, he is Sabir, a popular singer who has made his mark across the music sphere in the shortest time possible by exuding tremendous talent through his work which has been widely appreciated.

Sabir’s versatility has gained him humongous following as his songs have connected well with the audiences. What makes him stand out is his distinct voice which has the potential to make it to the top, if he keeps churning out such fabulous work from his talented self. He started his journey years back on ‘DistroKid’, which garnered him an impressive listener’s base. Since then, Sabir has worked his way to the top, having gained more than 21.8 thousand followers on Instagram alone owing to his tremendous audience pull. The kind of response he has received till date has been overwhelming, as his singing talent has been widely appreciated, the proof of this lies in the number of plays his songs have received on major music streaming platforms like Spotify (, YouTube Music (, and many more.

His popularity has seen a steady rise as his songs have hit the right chord with the audiences, gaining him a tremendous following which was unexpected. Some of his songs like Dil Chura Liya, Miss Universe Lagdi, Tera Kala Suit and Arsa have gained tremendous popularity which proves his mettle as a star securing a position at the top that takes him closer to stardom.

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