Sasha Goat sheds light on his latest hits “Kangaroo” and “More High”

Music is one of the most beautiful elements of life. It can change our mood, exhilarate our emotions, and take us to a different place every time we allow it to take over our senses. 

And then there’s live music! 

Easily an experience that is quite different and arguably way better than recorded music, live music is no less than magic, says Sasha Goat, and we emphatically agree. A music lover just like us, Sasha tells us why live music is magical. 

Recorded music is, well, recorded!

“Recorded music is artificially manufactured in a studio with creativity and natural talent tweaked, honed, and streamlined using technology,” says Sasha Goat, who has hits such as “Kangaroo” and “More High” to his name. “On the other hand, live music comes from the heart of the musician and speaks to the audience in an ambiance that is more human.” 

You can ‘experience’ live music

“Every kind of music can move you, but when the music is live, you ‘experience’ it on a deeper level,” says Sasha. Anyone who has heard their favorite number live will know what this means. The vibe, the energy, and the emotions that hang in the air during a live show offer a much better experience.   

There’s a lot more interaction in live shows

“Even if it’s a show that’s live online, audiences know that there will be some form of interaction with the artist,” says Sasha. Even if this interaction isn’t through full-fledged dialogs and anecdotes, artists communicate with audiences in a live show through song choices, experiments with the number, or even an impromptu jam session. 

Sometimes imperfection is a good thing

“Recorded music is perfect. Sometimes, a bit too perfect,” says Sasha. “Live music, on the other hand, has its share of imperfections that makes it even more human and endearing.” A glitch in the sound system, a mistimed beat or two, or even a musician forgetting the lyrics, all these minor imperfections make a live performance memorable and unique. 

The energy is real

“Recorded music is like ordering a meal and having it delivered to your doorstep. Live music is like wearing your favorite dress and eating at a restaurant with great service and a beautiful ambiance,” says Sasha. “The food is the same, but the energy is more real when you eat at the restaurant!” 

As a fan of everything music, especially live music, Sasha Goat makes a valid argument indeed. Now that the pandemic seems to be behind us finally, we can surely look forward to plenty of live shows to keep us entertained with their unique brand of magic. 

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