Singer PRESTONE spotted in Toronto

The brilliant musician and youngster has enthralled audiences with some of the coolest hits, making them fall in love with all of them.

People speak a lot about how youngsters today have changed the game of industries across the world, and they say that right, for the kind of resilience and a strong mental fortitude the younger brigade shows to go beyond boundaries for creating a unique success story for themselves.

Among these industries, the music space is one, which has always shown consistent signs of growth, thanks to the incredible talented beings it has given birth to so far and still continues to do so. Standing tall amongst them is a young talent, PRESTONE , who believed in his immaculate musical visions and thus attained a massive level of success in the ever-so-evolving and competitive industry.

Wondering who is PRESTONE? Well, this passionate man is all about his madness for music and his hunger to inspire innovation and greatness in music, putting into play his abilities to create something new each time he comes up with his songs.

Some of his tracks have already gained massive momentum and success, like PBC, MUNDO DE VERDURA, and POR SIEMPRE, among others. This proves the kind of musical artist Philip Villa is, creating magic with each of his songs.

He confesses how from a very early age, music was something that attracted him the most and the more he felt a close inclination towards it, the more he was sure what his purpose was.

PRESTONE is driven by his visions to give it his all, putting his best foot forward with each track to gain recognition and appreciation as an artist. As an independent music artist, PRESTONE has truly inspired many other up-and-coming talents in the industry with the spectacular success he has created all by himself in music.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @Prestonmccue

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