The stupendous musical powerhouse Anurag Desiworldwide who’s excelling in the rap niche at a fast pace.

The stupendous musical powerhouse Anurag Desiworldwide who’s excelling in the rap niche at a fast pace.

The amount of talent he oozes out is enough to announce him as the reigning king of music.

Anurag Singh, more popular by his stage name – Anurag Desiworldwide has been gaining all the attention of late, and why not, as his style of music making has that intensity that never misses anybody’s ears. This now popular singer and musical artist from Hisar, Haryana is based in UAE now, from where he has been churning out the most exclusive music pieces that have made the entire music industry take note of him. The extraordinary skills that he possesses has helped this outstanding artist gain massive following, earning wide recognition at the same time.

Anurag Desiworldwide
Anurag Desiworldwide

The music space has forever welcomed artists who bore the potential to rule the world of rhythms and tunes, but a few have exceeded their own expectations and reached towering heights of success, from where they rule the space. Anurag Desiworldwide is one amongst them, who has showcased his extremely talented side which is capable of ruling the entire music sphere. Speaking on his new found success, he says, “history says that artists with stupendous creativity and versatility have ruled their respect areas of work, and the world of music is no different. In order to make your mark, you need to display your uniqueness, which sets you apart from others, that’s when you can ensure yourself a commendable position that takes you to the top.”

Here is one musical artist who has managed to grab the headlines owing to his outstanding work, which makes him shine bright amongst a sea of stars who have already proved themselves in the field of music. This outstanding music talent has charmed the listeners with his work, which has won him a humongous fan following in return. His popularity is creeping higher with each song of his which have been topping on all major digital music streaming platforms. A few of his works like Anurag Beast, Show Hell So, The Bat Route, Ghost not Hell, and The Cross Ho, have struck the right chord with the listeners, expanding his reach wider, and securing his place as a bankable musical artist who is ready to take on the music space with full force .

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