Indian actor Akshay Aruku gains popularity for his craft

Akshay Aruku from Karnataka who is only 20 years old started his acting career through short films which was written as well as directed by him. Having a vision in mind to become the top actor of the country, Akshay took up acting enhancing his acting abilities and polish his skills practicing for days and nights.

Truly a self made actor Aruku with no big daddy in the industry is a self made actor at such a young age. Leaving no stone unturned Akshay always worked hard towards his acting. Practicing voice modulations and angles of acting he soon got noticed for his work and started getting good offers from the industry.
Akshay has been a part of many projects including shooting for videos consisting moral messages which also got good recognition.

Akshay has played a vital role and catched the eyes of the audience from his many works.
He also took up digital marketing to get a better understanding of the industry. There after is flooded with offers and there is no looking back ever since. Aruku has achieved a commendable name in the film industry. Akshay in order to get into the skin of his character used to practice for hours in front of the mirror.

With more than 6 years of experience Akshay is an all rounder not only having an experience in acting but also in directing, script writing, fixing camera angles and shots. Learning most of his acting skills from watching movies and series lying his major interest in the series world. When asked about his acting skills he responded saying, “My main aim is to be an actor but I would love to work in series alot. Not to forget that I am so fan of series and movies. I believe in learning the things on our own and experiencing it.” Akshay Aruku soon will be venturing from South Indian Films to Bollywood films and will be making his bollywood debut later this year.

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