Lorenzo Ruzza on How He Discovered Music Was His True Calling

The music industry has built its business on the passion and aspirations of artists, Lorenzo Ruzza is one of those artists. Lorenzo Ruzza discovered that his true calling was music and he has devoted himself to it since he came to the realization. 

Lorenzo Ruzza shares that though he started performing music professionally in 2014, he developed a love for it in his childhood. He first brought his musical dreams to the stage as a teenager when he started performing as a singer and rapper in high school. It was then Lorenzo says, that he realized that the stage was destined to be his second home, a place that could nurture his talent and bring him success. His aspirations have since come to fruition, with his soulful covers of recognizable tracks like Sia’s popular anthem ‘Chandelier’ racking up listens and followers on Spotify. Lorenzo Ruzza expands on his passion for music by sharing that he is truly inspired by the digital creation of music, he has produced many pieces of digital music and hopes to create many more. Of his love for music, Lorenzo says, “My pursuit of music has never been a financial one, it has always been fueled by the desire to perform and create.”

Lorenzo Ruzza shares that he believes that the nomad lifestyle of an adventuring performer that he lived for some time, has inspired his sound. Lorenzo spent time traveling across Asia, Europe, and America performing in bars and clubs, sharing his distinct take on beloved songs. 

Music is more than a business, it’s more than an industry, for some people it is their true calling and the place where they can be their most creative selves.  

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